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How to Provide a Course

For your convenience, we have outlined our standard course development guidelines as they pertain to Online Courses, Video Presentatios, Interactive Courses and Live Webinars. It is imperative that you adhere to these board-compliant CPD guidelines, so that the format and content of our course material are presented to the engineering community in a professional manner.

Course Selection Criteria

Select a course topic of your own that you can offer in any of the following course types:

  • Online Course
  • Video Presentation
  • Interactive Course
  • Live Webinar

The course must be tailored to Professional Engineers who will need to renew their P.Eng. licenses in line with their respective Provincial Board requirements as follows:

“Any qualifying course or activity with a clear purpose and objective which will maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice.”

The primary objective of the course content is to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary for the engineer’s professional practice.

Once you decide on the course topic(s), please email us your list of proposed courses and estimated number of professional development hours (PDHs) required to complete the course. We will then review your submission, collaborate with you as necessary, and then advise you to proceed with course preparation.

Course Preparation Guidelines

As a Course Provider, you need to develop and submit the following course material to

Course Outline

The course outline shall be prepared in a Word format as follows:

  • Provide a course description that briefly describes the material covered by the course.
  • Explain the relevance and applicability of the course material to all technical professionals, including engineers, designers, inspectors and contractors.
  • Emphasize and list the skills and knowledge that the course offers to all professionals.

Course Content

The course content shall be prepared in Word format in accordance with our standard guidelines, including course templates which will be provided to you depending on the type of course you wish to offer:

  • If you use copyrighted information, you must obtain and state the written permission of the copyright holder. However, if you are referencing technical resources already available in the public domain as part of your course material, then you must indicate the URL for the website containing the referenced material.
  • Select a course title that is short but one that clearly describes the content of the course. Avoid lengthy titles as they may disinterest the user.
  • Start your course with a clear format and organizational structure. The course should be structured in a logical manner starting with an introduction, followed by the main body, and ending with a conclusion. Your ideas should flow smoothly in a rational progression to allow the engineers to understand the subject matter.
  • Use examples when necessary to emphasize a point you are trying to get across. Include graphics, photographs or other images as part of your course content.
  • You should estimate the number of professional development hours (PDH) required for engineers to review the course material and take the quiz, as applicable.
  • Ensure that the study time for the course you prepare does not exceed 12 PDHs. If possible, consider breaking longer courses into two or three courses to reduce lengthy courses, provided that the shorter ones can stand alone as independent courses.

Course Quiz

The course quiz shall be prepared in a Word format and shall cover a broad range of topics included in the course content.

  • The quiz questions may be of multiple-choice or a combination of multiple-choice and True/False type questions.
  • Multiple-choice type questions should have four answers (a, b, c or d) to choose from.
  • True/False type questions should not exceed 25% of the total number of questions presented.
  • A minimum of 10 questions are required for a 1 or 2 PDH course. An additional 5 quiz questions are required for every additional PDH of study time. Therefore, depending on the study time required, the minimum number of questions required is as follows:

    1 to 2 PDH Course             10 Questions
    3 PDH Course                     15 Questions
    4+ PDH Course                   20 Questions + 5 more for each additional 1 PDH
  • Indicate (highlight or bold) the correct answers to the questions in the quiz document.
Publishing Your Course Online

Please submit your course material for our review and we will advise you of any edits for your concurrence. Once the changes are agreed upon and approved, we will publish, promote and advertise your course on at no cost to you.

Following posting your course, we only ask that you advise us of any relevant updates, as necessary. At that point, we expect you to incorporate these updates into the course content, as applicable. We may also defer to you specific questions raised by our users, if such questions require your technical expertise. We kindly request that you reply in an expeditious manner in the mutual interest of keeping our engineering professionals satisfied.

If you still any assistance on how to provide a course, please contact us at